Prodigy Disc Pro Tour Media Plan and Registration

Media Plan

Prodigy Disc Pro Tour has signed an exclusive contract with the leading European disc golf media Disc Golf Stream. For the 2022 season Disc Golf Stream will introduce English commentary both in live and post production.

Disc Golf Stream will produce live and play by play video for each round of each tournament for both FPO and MPO. Additionally, Disc Golf Stream will feature extra material, tournament previews and interviews from the tour and other events.

You can subscribe to the live streams at Monthly subscriptions and event packages available. Post produced round coverage will be available on Youtube as well.

Registration to the Events

Due to the uncertainty of the covid-19 pandemic. Each event will evaluate the necessary restrictions 30 days prior to the event.

Registration is available for all domestic and international players after the 30 day check point at Disc Golf Metrix. Full details for each event published later.